Das Content-Canvas

Das Content Canvas

Ein interaktives Tool, um deinen Video-Channel zu planen

Diese Webanwendung habe ich in einem Design Thinking Prozess im Rahmen meines Studiums an der Hyper Island Universität entwickelt. 

Die Frage, die mich hierbei am meisten beschäftigte, lautete: Wie gibt man Wissen über Videokanal-Konzeption nachhaltig weiter?

  • 100 % remote nutzbar
  • Basierend auf den Erkenntnissen der Fahrrad-Fanatiker und 15+Interviews mit Experten und Creatorn 
Das ist das Content Canvas:

The Content Canvas – Develop a video channel your audience will love

Are you a journalist or creator with a great idea for a video channel but no idea how to get started? Or do you already have a video channel, and you are looking for a strategy that will help it thrive?

The Content Canvas was designed with you in mind.

Find and understand your target audience, develop video formats your viewers will love and learn how to grow your audience quickly and consistently.

It’s a beginner-friendly tool that…

  • makes success on online video platforms transparent and comprehensible
  • helps your existing channel gain a larger audience
  • transforms your vague idea into a thriving new video channel
  • helps you to work less while increasing your impact


  • helping you to select the most promising out of all your ideas
  • providing an overview what the important aspects of a successful video channel are and how to get there
  • assisting you to keep the overview over the demands of development and manage your resources effectively
  • keeping you on track during the process of development
  • providing all the knowledge you need about video platforms
So habe ich das Projekt unterstützt